Jinli Electric’s technical improvements

Jan 15, 2024

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and the digital economy, surge protector products (SPD) as internal lightning protection terminal equipment have broad market prospects. Jinli Electric, an innovative lightning protection enterprise in China, has operated for 18 years since its establishment. Over the past year, we have been committed to the testing and basic research of SPD products. The products are constantly updated, and the company continues to improve the market competitiveness of its products. Jinli Electric has always focused on the industry, paying attention to product performance and quality, and attaching importance to product safety and reliability.

From the perspective of product application, Surge protectors have shown a trend of customized scene applications and miniaturization of product size. At the same time, SPD is rapidly developing in the direction of intelligence and digitalization, from fault trip remote signaling and lightning counting to peak detection and waveform With the integration of restoration, life prediction, grounding network resistance monitoring, lightning warning, and other services, lightning protection products have gradually integrated into the booming digital wave.

As an internal lightning protection terminal product surge protector, Anhui Jinli’s main methods to improve the safety and reliability of surge protectors include the following:
a. Improve MOV chip design, use new materials, and improved processes to produce products with low failure rates, and improve inherent reliability.
b. Choose an intelligent SPD and monitoring system that can provide life-span warning
c. Screen and age SPD to shorten the early failure period.
d. Replace the deteriorated SPD as appropriate or regularly.
e. Derating design is the main method to improve SPD reliability.

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