How to install a surge protector

Jan 03, 2024

The surge protector, referred to as SPD, is installed on a 35MM standard rail. For fixed SPD surge protectors, the following steps should be for routine installation. First, determine the discharge current path. Second, are the wires marked for the extra voltage drop caused at the equipment terminals? Third, to avoid unnecessary inductive loops, the PE conductor of each device should be marked. Fourth, establish an equipotential connection between the equipment and the SPD. Fifth, it is necessary to coordinate the energy of multi-level SPD.

Precautions for installing surge protector

The installation of a surge protector requires certain measurements to limit the inductive coupling between the protected part and the unprotected part of the equipment after installation. The mutual inductance can be reduced by separating the induction source and the sacrificial circuit, selecting the loop angle, and limiting the closed loop area. When the current-carrying component wire is part of the closed loop, the loop and induced voltages are reduced due to the proximity of this wire to the circuit. Generally speaking, it is better to separate protected conductors from unprotected conductors, which should be separated from ground wires. At the same time, necessary measurements should be made to avoid transient orthogonal coupling between power and communication cables.
When choosing the diameter of the grounding wire of the surge protector, first of all, it is the data line, which must be greater than 2.5mm2; when the length exceeds 0.5 meters, it must be greater than 4mm2. YD/T5098-1998. Secondly, there is the power cord. When the cross-sectional area of the phase wire is S≤16mm2, use S for the ground wire; when the cross-sectional area of the phase wire is 16mm2≤S≤35mm2, use 16mm2 for the ground wire; when the cross-sectional area of the phase wire is S≥35mm2, the ground wire requirement is S/2; GB50054 Section 2.2. 9 items. In addition, the installation of a surge protector requires understanding some of the main parameters of the surge protector.

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