Application occasions of SPD products

Dec 20, 2023
The application areas of SPD products include substation, substation, distribution room, switch box, and transformer type.

Anhui Jinli's products are widely used in basic and emerging industries such as electric power, new energy, railways, rail transit, industrial automation, metallurgy, and the chemical industry. Substations, substations, switchyards, and divisions are common in railway systems. According to Shipping Letter [2017] No. 240, the Transportation Bureau of China Railway Corporation issued the "Implementation Plan for Optimizing the Settings of Surge Protectors in Traction Substations". Derived shielding cabinet products such as power supply surge protectors and signal surge protectors are used in Multiple locations; Power distribution rooms use surge protectors and intelligent collection terminal products in the PC segment and MCC segment of traditional industries; Box-type transformers are widely used in new energy wind power and photovoltaic industries. Low-voltage surge protectors, high-voltage metal oxide arresters, and intelligent collection devices are also widely used.

Although the application environments and industries are different, with the rapid development of surge protector products in the direction of intelligence and digitalization, from fault trip remote signaling, and lightning counting, to peak detection, waveform recovery, life prediction, etc., lightning protection products have gradually been integrated into The booming digital wave.
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