Anhui Jinli Second Lightning Protection Technology Symposium Aftermarket Technology Chapter-Beijing Region

Dec 11, 2023

From October 27 to 28, 2023, Anhui Jinli hosted the second lightning protection technology seminar with the theme of "New Energy Power Generation System + Traditional Distribution System Lightning Defense" in its park. In the compact seminar, The experts discussed the application of lightning protection in different industries and also proposed the direction of more detailed implementation plan research. The trip to Beijing, the capital, in November 2023 is a further extension of the application of lightning protection technology in various industries in the seminar. We discussed smart lightning protection system solutions with the rail transit field design institute; we discussed the installation and installation of lightning protection products with complete sets of customers. Selection; discussed typical lightning accidents at photovoltaic sites and new lightning protection solutions with the New Energy Field Design Institute.

As a well-known lightning protection brand in China, Anhui Jinli has been committed to the electrical safety of electrical systems and focused on lightning protection technology for electrical systems. Overall lightning protection for the system is the most effective way to reduce personal injuries and equipment damage. Overall, lightning protection includes lightning protection products, engineering, and lightning protection detection, but also has developed new businesses such as lightning monitoring, ground resistance monitoring, and lightning early warning in recent years. From its establishment to the present, in the past 18 years, we have focused on the R&D, production, testing, and basic research of surge protectors and lightning protection-related products, we are user-centered, not only providing high-quality products that meet user needs but also helping users solve pain points in lightning protection.

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